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God Hates Mobile Homes

February 18, 2004 rljojodean:

God hated mobilehomes

How do you know the devil didn't do it?


02/21/2004 fresnel1lover:


Body: Ok i'm buying a manufactured home and just happen to run across your web site. Man "get a grip" is about the only thing i can say here as i'm srue others will read this and I'm not one to add profanity in letters i write like this. I'm not a perfect man, ya i do my fare share of sinning, i've been slain in the holy spirit, been baptised cathloc and southern baptist, and i'm here to say i do not run distractions on others comments or belief's. that goes for gays, lesbians, people who live together not married, and so forth. everyone's opinion is their own and i respect that. however this website is "in my opinion" way off in left field. Pull ur head out ur butt will ya. Me, my wife, my kids, and my ex-thing-wife all survived hurricane Isibel here in Virginia. Well let me tell ya something. I seen with my own eyes, the devistation created by this storm. hundreds of thousands of stick and steel built homes either totally destroyed or heavily damaged. I took a trip with a friend of mine to the o


04/13/2004 REDWULF454:


Body: I've seen tons of garbage in my time and I have come to this conclusion it dosen't make you trailer trash if you live in a moble home it's how you live that determins if you truly are garbage

and oh yes by the way , I don't beleive you know GOD at all and if so when did he make you his messenger ???


04/13/2004 thecadguy:

Are you guys out of your Minds?

Body: Two things . . . 1. You guys clearly have way too much free time . . . 2. It can take years of unanswered prayers before realizing that prayer is only effective when it's made to the one that made us to pray in the first place and that it's done with a pure heart. God moves on belief, not unbelief. Hope that doesn't sound pious.


04/19/2004 Contact_Us@luvhomes.org:

Just don't understand

Body: These mobile homes you speak of are trailors.... I live in and sell mobile homes. My avg price on a double wide is 55-65k on the home only. most land home pckgs are over 120k... and this is in Kentucky. These trailors are what make it hard to put a 2200sg ft mobile home in a nice neighbored that may require a 1200 sg ft site built that does not meet near the standards of the mobile home industry. Lets see these builders pass HUD


04/25/2004 Chris29-08:

Think about the other mobile home owners 2 !!!!

Body: I dont think u should blame god for all the destruction of mobile homes. God doesnt hate any1 or anything. I 2 live in a mobile home and it is not trashy. I think if youre going 2 show all the trashy mobile homes then you should show the decent 1s as well. At least most of the people that live mobile home dont owe 70,000 to 100,000 dollars on their homes. Next time you publish something think about it befor you publish it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01/09/2004 addieanderson:

mobile homes

As a Christian and a mobile home owner the only thing I found offensive here was your lack of reverence toward the Lord. But since we're talking about mobile homes, I'll go on to say that my husband and I often laugh at mobile home parks. When we were looking into buying one there were parks we didn't even want to drive through for fear of plastic pink flamingos and old pontiacs on blocks and then there was a lovely park that turned down our application even though we were prepared to pay for a newer mobile home in cash just because we didn't have a history of $20,000 in the bank for at least a year! (By the way, we aspire to that park someday!!!) Seriously though, at the age of 23, through some seriously good financial planning on my husband's part, we bought a remodelled mobile home for $28,000. I'm the only one of my friends that owns anything, but we had the money and we figured that if lived here, saved money and did a few more improvements like vinyl siding and a rubber roof, we'll be able to


08/24/2003 SWEET:




6/2003 JTH:

God Hates Mobile Homes

An interesting analogy. A metal home poorly grounded usually with no foundation, and by some "weird" coincidence a lot of bad things happen to them. Perhaps God also hates people that walk out into traffic- a lot of bad things happen to people when they do that too. Perhaps God hates people that play with fire- they always seem to get burned. Personally I think God only hates Democrats (or similar rationalizations and people who only gather facts that support their conclusions and ignore facts that do not).


5/30/2003 mustang_babe:
Some people...

I have to admit, this is a hilarious site. The people that are flaming and leaving hateful message to you just can't seem to take a joke. There's nothing wrong with living in a trailer, but some of these pitiful excuses could stand a clean up! There's nothing wrong with being poor, but being dirty is another thing. Keep up the good work!

bullet 5/9/2003 Popcorn_angel:

I only have a couple things to say... #1- God doesn't hate anyone or anything.#2 I live in a moible home on a large piece of my own land. My husband and I are living there while I am working my way through dental school and he is a head manager of a car dealership. We could have a nicer home then you probably live in and we both have 2003 cars. The next time you go putting down EVERYONE who lives in a mobile home, think again. If this whole page was meant as a joke then that is fine but consider the people who find it easier and pleasent to live in the mobile homes. How about you get a life and stop accussing your maker of things you don't even know about.

back again

ok- i have something else to say- you are the dumbest idiot i have ever heard of. you have to be joking, right???

bullet 1/29/2003 Sharon:
good stuff
this is the funniest site ive ever visited. thanks for good laughs, and good creative ideas for the trailer im buying!

1/27/2003 BambooChik@msn.com:
I agree that SOME mobile homes look trashy and there is no excuse for it other than just being a lazy slob, and you are certainly making a point of pointing this out, but I live in one on ten acres and it is a beautiful home and landscape, so how about showing some of the beauties out there instead of making fun of the trailer trash? I guess this is how you get your kicks, eh? Sort of like taking candy from a baby or picking on a kid with glasses?



1/24/2003 tkcoldren@aol.com: dick breath
are you really from new jersey "the garbage state" and then making fun of mobile homes? i don't live in a mobile home,but you probably have built a a home on my, or someone else's piss and shit filled diaper's. hope you like smelling my shit every waking hour. thank's for making your entire state a landfill for all the world's garbage.i've been to new jersey,and hell (hell is a lot better). FUCK YOU VERY MUCH .

My reply:
So where do you get the idea I'm from New Jersey? (I'm not) -- And what, exactly, difference would that make?

bullet 2/4/2002 Shiza1:  Hey people take a joke.  I think the pics were funny.  I know alot of people don't  have money and have to do with what they have.  But rather you live in a trailer or house clean it up.  Do you really think other people out there in the world aren't talking about your rat hole?  Their just not taking pics and making a website.  And your place doesn't look like crap because your poor.  It's because your lazy!!  So stop spending so much time crying and go clean your yard.  If you don't have enough room for your stuff at least put it in the back yard.  And if the website was about houses I would still laugh at all the trashy pics. 

bullet 9/18/2001 Jessica: Very amusing website! When people say you're sick & arrogant, I wonder why they leave out hilarious & observant too! Some of the comments you printed give the distinct impression that christians have no sense of humor -- & white trash no pride or they'd be boasting instead of denying. Thanks for some giggles.
bullet 3/15/2001 Rick Berger: Way fun.  I liked it.  Well written.

The churlish responses from the born-agains only reinforce my innate tendency to run away from true believers as fast and as far as I can.  Taking up the credo seems to require checking your sense of humor at the pulpit.

While atheists and the Gods may laugh, it is apparent the devout cannot.


bullet 3/3/2001 Chuck and Rose Henry: I thought that your observations were very amusing.  It would appear that you have struck a nerve with some of those surfing the 'net.  I think that the funniest is the one from a 15 year old girl whose email address amounts to "So Sexy@ whatever.com".  Could there possibly be anything more white trash than a 15 year old child using a name like sexy to identify herself to others?  (I'm sure there are a ton of trailer trash thinking, "15 ain't no child, she's a woman!!!" Note the drool leaking from the corner of their mouths.)

Now, I am not saying that a trailer(it IS a trailer, or was at one time, how the hell did it get to the site?) can't be maintained and be a well kept home, it's just that the majority of them have piles of trash out front and seem to be sought out by natural disaster.   

As far as the those who wrote in on a theological note, just sit down and shut the hell up.  The whole thing is a joke.  It's sad that we have become so sensative in this society that we all sit down and cry every time someone mutters anything politically incorrect. I see the term fortunate and less-fortunate used a lot here.  I disagree.  I grew up very poor and even now do not consider myself "fortunate".  It's called hard work and education.  While my buddies still live in trailers, drive new trucks, and have new boats and all of the toys they want, get drunk every weekend and gripe about being poor, I live in a nice house, DON'T have all of the toys but am easily approaching my first million in the bank and on the market, whilst driving around in my old 1994 pickup.  Fortunate?  NO!!! I just choose to invest and save rather than keep up with the Jones.   

Love the site!!!  You need to visit all of the other trailer sites too.   

I just wanted to add that Beanie Babies, and Hot Wheels NASCAR collectables are NOT a reasonable investment opportunity.
bullet 2/8/2001 - Bill Bergen: Your article on mobile homes is arogant,ignorant,sick and pathetic.  But it is only the opinion of a few, as you well know.  Their are probably more run down regular type homes(Built from the ground up)  that you could sneer at when you feel the need to boost your ego or low self esteem.  I hope you get yourself some therapy,love or understanding of other people and their feelings soon before you have serious problems. B.B.
bullet 11/24/2000 - Ralph213@webtv.net: God does not hate mobile homes. Mobile homes can be very nice. I have always liked them. We had three houses but gave them up for a mobile home. God guided us to this home. God doesn't hate mobile homes, He hates SIN!!!!!!!!!  Where do you get your information? I didn't read that in the Bible, which is God's word. There are seven things in the Bible God hates and Moble Homes are not one of them. I'm not trying to make you like them, but don't say God, or anyone else, hates them unless they tell you themselves.
Thank-you.   Debbie

bullet 7/23/2000 -  R.Bradlow@att.net: Dear web page designer,
( I am sending this to several of you in regards to Manufactured Homes and their dwellers. )
    As we all share our brief existence on this planet together may I say that slinging mud around at others expense is not productive nor healthy. While my attempts at teaching any of you humility, compassion, or empathy may be futile, I will still give it a shot as I pray that this will not fall on deaf ears or closed minds.
    Since some of you have brought God into the picture, let me quote some scripture ( Matthew 7:1-5 NIV )
"Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2.For the Same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. 3.Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4.How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5.You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Number of homeless as a result of Hurricane Andrew  - Small fraction of which were Manufactured Home owners. Click here   and here  to see two photo archives courtesy of NOAA. - Meteorological Monster Hurricanes and their aftermath.

NOTE: My 30 year old Manufactured Home and I both survived Hurricane Andrew and my 30 year old home looks better than most new homes. While this is not my preferred choice of dwelling, I have made do with what I have. None the less, I still have a roof over my head to call home until my situation improves.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and view the attached links thoroughly.
God Bless,
Rob Bradlow

bullet 3/22/2000 - cordryhomes@jobe.net: well your site was semi amusing, only because i will assume that it was written dilebratly to rise some anger and opinions.  i would like to just pass along some advise.  be careful who you insult.  first i'd like to just pass along to the readers of this site to keep in mind that the media has control over what you see after each natural disaster.  why its much more fun to show the lesser of the community loosing their asses, rather than the tv crews families or themselves loose everything.  right??????  

i would also like you to address how funny all the dead bodies and wrecked lives were as you look at the crushed mobile homes spread all over after a storm?   are the mangled bodies just as funny as the mangled homes? 

and would God rather look down to see all those people who live in mobile homes living on the street?  or how about putting them up in your home?  you seem to present yourself as the almighty with all the answers, just give us a better solution 'o great one'. 
bullet 3/17/2000 - Rat Fan: My husband is a probation officer, and one of his clients worked at a factory where 'manufactured homes' were...uh, manufactured. We were considering buying a modular home and putting it on 10 acres, preferably near a lake. The client was adamant that this was a bad idea. He said that when being built, the builders are very careless ; they shove broken tools, lunch bags, fast food containers and unmentionable detrius down in the sections, which are then carelessly soldered together.He said he'd  never live in one, after what he's seen.  

The real question is this: why are hardworking bluecollar people, who were once able to buy decent homes on one income, now barely able to rent a crappy trailer on two fulltime incomes???? Between the shipping of factory jobs overseas, plus the gouging of Americans via obscene rates of taxation, more and more US citizens are living on the edge of poverty. And don't fool yourself into thinking that people who live in trailers are 'different', that they all act like the people on Jerry Springer, that they're stupid and lacking in education, and no college graduate is among their numbers. The proliferation of trailer parks is a testimony to the gross inequities of the US economy, it is NOT a reflection on the poor and working class .  

Trailers are not fit for human habitation. If they were banned, would decent site built homes for low income people start being built? Or would homelessness increase, and the rents on these glorified tin cans get even steeper?  

I am very glad I'm in a site built home with a basement, but every time I drive by a trailer park, I think, "There but for the grace of God....". And I feel that as the income gap widens, the tax rate increases, more jobs are lost overseas, and the trade gap worsens, more and more people will feel the same.  

Normally I sign my name to anything I write, but given some of the things I put in the first paragraph, plus the chance of this being posted (which you're welcome to do), I believe I'll use my nomme de nette, and sign this

Rat Fan

bullet 1/8/2000 - Christilectro@aol.com: First-why the Pink Floyd;The Wall picture? Second-The reason trailers are damaged more in storms in obvious:they are lighter, not grounded, and are often in places away from lakes.

As a carpentar and Christian, I disagree with everything on your page! If Gods wrath was the reason, how come gay bars aren't destoyed? Theres a block of 4 gay bars near my house which would be a perfect oppertunity for God to show His anger twoard gay sinners. In the Bible we read about homosexuals: "these will not see the knigdom of God" and we read "blessed are the poor". This site was a waste of my time and yours! What about Gods anger twoard rich people? The Bible says things about rich and how possesions on earth will rust and be eaten by moths, it says, stack up treasures in heaven where they can be enjoyed eternally".This is not a theological site, your right, because there are no theological evidences to support your theory!

What a waste!

bullet SoOoOoSeXxXxXy@aol.com: I'm 15 and I live in a mobile home. We just moved here out of a house actually. I thought your article was funny because I used to think that same way until we moved here. Now I finally have my own bathroom, a bigger room than I had before..its exactly like our house was, without a basement.

People like you, and how I used to be will never know the beauty of living in/buying a mobile home until they do. Who wants to pay $150,000 to live in an on-site built house for 2 people.....when you can buy a beautiful lot and mobile home with an in-ground swimming pool, huge deck and Jacuzzi for $80,000???? Not me or my mother. Thats for sure.

bullet 11/12/1999 - Mystar: Well for starters, God is not a he or a she. Are hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, typhoons, thunder storms, and everyday weather not the result of atmospheric and earthly conditions? Not a God. So Nature rules all, such as evolution, weather, right down to the D.N.A. of humans, animals, plants and vegetation, (a category I believe you fit under). (Nature sure screwed up on the gene pool with your birth)! You have to know a bit about life to get this, (sorry you won't understand). End of lesson one.

It is so obvious your a man. If not, you should be. A dead give-away is your total lack of understanding anything. Also trying to create, I repeat, TRYING to create, a J-O-K-E out of others' misfortunes, (I'll bet the majority of the smart-assed comments from the E-mails are from men). Why do you waste your time,(don't you work?), energy, and good film on such NEGATIVE output? There's so much more to life, (something you don't seem to have). You don't even know the difference between a TRAILER and a MOBILE. A trailer, in case you didn't know, is pulled behind a car. I'd like to see YOU pull a big mobile behind you car down the road, (well, on second thought.....)!!!. Your intelligence is sure showing in your pictures. End of lesson two.

Where are all the pictures of the beautiful, and lovely landscaped mobiles?  Are they beyond your UNFOCUSED LENS of life? You will not be remembered for where you lived, or how many square feet you had in your home, or how big your bank account was. That is not what life is about, (but what would you know about that)!!!! How silly of me!!!! You stated, if I recall, that you live in a TRAILER. Too bad you couldn't upgrade yourself to a MOBILE. The weather, ( NATURE ), must play hell on you sometimes in your trailer, seeing as they are only a seasonal form of housing, such as camping. Oh well, maybe you could sell your pictures to a moron and move up in the world. Maybe someday you'll be living in the lap of luxury, in your new MOBILE. Keep it neat now, because some ass might be out there sneeking a picture of it!!!!!! End of lesson three. HAVE A NICE DAY.

bullet Loni Rorie: It isn't God who hates mobile homes, it is the people who can afford better than a home on wheels. Imagine, if the people who are in the "have" catagory in this country, were more tolerant and understanding of those who are in the "have not" catagory, chose to give credit to families for trying to provide affordable housing, rather than show such a lack of compassion. No one chooses for bad things to take place in their lives, that puts our lives on a different course, we make the best we can out of our lives and hope for compassion and understanding. God is not the destructive forces that move on this planet, He is the compassion that flows after the destruction. I think the real issue is that whatever dwelling we have, we should take pride in it and take care of the upkeep of it. This goes to all the "Slum Lords" out there too,
who take the rent from the poor but fail to make sure the poor are living in humane conditions. Thank you God for Habitat for Humanity, wish more people were involved.
bullet BTCGFS4004@aol.com: Mobile Homes are mad to sell not to live in
bullet 6/20/1997 - Ruby Werdehausen:...God loves everything, except evil. Tornados, floods, any disaster are evil, therefore they are the works of Satan. I would be very careful stating what God hates, he just may show you...
bullet 6/19/1997 - Dirk Woods: Your article is more hilarious than an unsupervised toddler burning a "double-wide" to the ground after finding his drunken mother's Newports and Zippo.
bullet Robin: While you do offer some interesting perspectives on mobile homes floating down rivers I would also like to ask you to thank God that you obviously can afford to live somewhere else but a mobile home.
bullet Bruce: Really enjoyed your article on Mobile Homes-- God's pimple of delight for the landscape. (You didn't discuss the added value of recycling your M- home.... along with your crushed six cans of Dr pepper.)
bullet 4/28/1997 - Dallas: Terrific commentary on why God hates Mobile Homes! I laughed till I cried.
bullet 5/3/1997 - Raymond D West: go to hell
bullet 5/12/1997 - Greg: Mobile Homes have not been built since 1976!! H.U.D. (Housing of Urban Development) adapted and developed stict building code for manufactured housing at that time. You obviously are BLIND and STUPID!! Over 40% of the housing in the US today is manufatured in a controlled enviorment, and delivered to site location by way of Trucking. I have been in the manufatured housing business since 1978 and it has provided me and myt family with a GREAT way of life. I am proud to be associated with the business! I lived in Manufatured housing for 10 years from Midland/Odessa to Santa Fe New Mexico. Do you think that everyone can afford a SITE built home? Do you think that these articles you read do not show multi million dollar homes, malls and business flattened by Hurricanes, Tornadoes etc?
bullet IBeHayes@aol.com:  I found your thesis on GOD's disposition on mobile homes to be rather funny. I have lived in a mobile home all my life (28 years) and have not had a single run in with GOD's wrath. I was quite amused, however, when a tornado ripped down a road a quarter mile from my portable domicile, bypassed a non-stationary habitat community and trashed a large number of condominiums. The best part though, is that this particular road has a history of tornadic activity. The meek shall inherit the earth. So I guess that means that it will either be those of us in nomadic housing, or cockroaches.
bullet 12/17/1999 - Dean of Students [user@njit.edu]: I own a beautiful Mobile Home in North Carolina. There is one thing which angers me. In my experience, the people who generate their negativity against a mobile home are always those who own nothing. Some of them pay up to $900.00 a month for rent and have no tax write-off, while my mobile home payment is $250.00 per month (2 bedrooms and two full bathrooms). My home will soon be paid for. Until these people own something, I think they should just shut their stupid mouth. At least, I can take my mortage as a tax write-off. Some people are so insensitive. All criticizer of mobile homes should think before speaking. Thank you very much.  
Roadkill on the Information Superhighway
Fear and Loathing at 35,000 Feet
Death and the Golden Gate
bullet 3/14/2003 - lchappell: I'm in total agreement with your mentality. My only disagreement with pay diving boards on the bridge is why give this fare to nimrods of the Golden Gate Bridge District? I say give 'em a break and let them jump for free! I'm tired of all these bleeding heart liberals and their so-called "feelings!" You want feelings buddy? Feel this! And while we're at it I think it should be totally legal to gun down homeless people who hit you up by shaking a can with two pennies in your face! You want my spare change? None of my change is spare. It's all going to good use. And hey...you slow walking fat people..GET OVER on one side of the sidewalk and let me by! Stop gobbling so many Whoppers so there's enough room on the sidewalk for everybody! And if you don't know what the hell you want to eat by the time you get to the register GET THE HELL out of the store! I have WAY more important things to do than wait for your dumb ass to come to a simple decision!

The rest of you are cool though...

bullet Seeblank: Right on on all counts with your GGBridge call.. Barrier yes, suicide system no. Cowan, the guy who went across two lanes in June goes to court on Tuesday.. Watch the debate resurface then.

The Sharks are Circling


January 23, 2004 Lady Sidhe:

I have good news/bad news in response to this:

The good news is that a male friend of mine won primary custody of his son, and the mother, who refused to keep a job, was ordered to pay child support. The bad news is, she hasn't paid in....how long? So yeah, it's not only deadbeat dads who need to be convinced to pay up on behalf of their children.

However...my husband is also in the pickle you describe. He is being forced to pay child support for a child he has never (aside from the blood test) seen, and will never see, as the child's mother has moved out of the country. This woman was not his wife, incidentally, and she refuses to work at all. Apparantly she makes her money by cheating on her current husband and then collecting money for the children. Because she refused to work, and was on public assistance, the state she was from made my husband pay back every cent she'd gotten from them, PLUS back child-support for the years (5 years) that he didn't even know this child existed (her husband divorced her when he found she'd cheated, she went on welfare, and didn't contact my husband until the welfare ran out and the child was five). Now half--HALF--of my husband's paycheck goes to this woman who REFUSES to work at all. And though he will never see this child, who is now 12, he will be paying until the child is at least 18 and probably until he's 21
That being said, I will also say that I understand why the courts usually award custody to the mother, except in cases where she is unfit. It's usually the mother who is the primary caregiver in the family, insofar as things like feeding, bathing, changing, watching, etc. Daddies play with the kids, and are often the disciplinarians, because that's what daddies do. But most of them leave the 3am feedings and diaper changes to mommy. As a result, children are often more attached to their mothers, and vice-versa.

That's not to say that the children should be deprived of one parent in favor of another, but more of a statement of understanding.

Oh well, that's my 2 cents' worth...

Don't Look Now, But You're Being Monitored

Pepper Spray or a Gun?

A Walled City

Just Another Lottery


January 23, 2004 Lady Sidhe:

Death Penalty Lottery

"Sounds too cruel, you say? Too barbaric perhaps? Maybe so, but is the current state of affairs acceptable or functional? I say 'No, it's not.' Our society has become so 'civilized', so 'concerned' that we've sacrificed our civilization to the animals and social predators. We've become so concerned about what a bad upbringing the poor devils may have had, contributing to their anti-social behavior, we've lost sight of the fact that they behave like animals. Worse, in fact than any of the animal kingdom if you stop and think about it. Animals only kill for food or survival. You don't see rape, murder or mayhem among the 'lower' animals on this planet, only among Homo Sapiens."

I agree with you completely. I think that's a great idea, and I'd be one of the first to buy a ticket, EVERY week. Now that's a dollar well-spent.

I understand your frustration with the whole "poor baby, his mother looked at him wrong when he was three, that's why he's a multiple murderer" mindset...personally, I think that while they're waiting to be executed, they should take the place of lab animals. Make them earn their keep instead of taking it out of MY pocket....

Lady Sidhe


6/20/2001 -  Joe: I have a solution that you may have overlooked, and may even be more palatable to those "in charge". Rather than have that lottery and make a game of it, take all the "lifers" and all the "Dead Men" and put them in a SuperMax, lock it down tight and pull out all the civilians. Once all the law abiding citizens are clear, flood the air vents with Serin or Mustard Gas or something. Send in a Haz Mat clean up team, cremate the garbage and give the place a new paint job. Youíre damn right there will probably be some collateral damage, but you let that serial rapist in the living room of any of those liberals that think that those animals should have the protection of the same society that they abandoned by committing their crime, and letís see if they change their tune as well as their lyrics. I didn't hear any protests when the US bombed Baghdad over the price of gasoline, why is this such a difficult concept? It is no different than shooting a coyote for attacking the livestock. I guarantee that if this was done, there would be fewer volunteers next time. And when it fills up again, repeat the process. I figure a "Life without parole" sentence should be a very short one, and a death penalty should be enforced. I lived in Texas for 20 years and I firmly believe in the death penalty. I just think that it should not be a 45-50 year sentence, then a lethal injection. This is a war on crime, and it is starting to look like Viet Nam. Too many rules for the good guys and the law abiding citizens. I say "Kill them all and let God sort them out!"


11/21/2001 - DadieWags: When does it begin??
Those are my exact feelings. My wife does not agree, but hell, she doesn't agree with me on anything!   
I would be honored to be the first "winner"
Put me on the list, I would be one of those that would gladly do it without the "incentive"
Give it all to the victims' family.
I'm sure you wrote it as a "tounge-in- cheek" article, but I'm not responding in kind.